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We only have 6 spots in 2016

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We are U.S. Drone Training. We know drones.

Drone Business Consulting

Next Hands on flying class in Houston 9/3 $189.00

We are a Houston, Texas based company that helps people get their own drone based company off the ground.  Within 30 days or less you could be a proud owner of a drone based business in your city. www.usdronetraining.com
​"Today I worked 4 hours and picked my son up from band"
By 2025 the drone (uav) business is projected to be 25 billion dollars.
This is your time.  August 29th is the start line - where will you be?  Fly Legal - with new FAA exam

What you get:

1. Representative comes  

     to your city for a week.

2,  We bring your   

     Phantom 4 and Inspire

     drone to you included.

3.  We build your website.

4.  We help register your


5.  5 days pre-site visit  

      to get the ball rolling

6.  Unlimited phone

     support for 6 months.

7.  Hands on training in  

      filming real estate,

      mapping and

      commercial sites.

8.  How to edit with Adobe

     Premier, Photo Shop

     and After effects.

9.  FAA 107 study guide

What else do I get.

1. 500 business cards

2. Marketing training

3. Marketing materials to

     include canvas prints,

     pictures, videos.

4. Ipad mini 4.

5. Training program so you

     can do your own

     training.  We teach you 

     how to put on a  

     certified  training


6. Listed on our website as

    a designated U.S. Drone


What do you need.

The courage it takes to learn something new.  The drive and energy to start a business.  The desire to shape your future and set your own hours. 

$24,999 gets you the keys to house. From ground zero to up and running a drone business. In 30 days. We come to your city.
In 30 days you can be up and running with your own home based drone business.